Tuesday, May 23, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m.

This event has passed.

Join Dane Buy Local at the M.O.D. House on Lake Monona! M.O.D. Media Productions is a Platinum Sponsor for Dane Buy Local. They have worked on event videos including two socials, including the one below, and the inaugural DBLAs: Local Biz Awards. They also took home the DBLA for Tech & Media! The M.O.D. Squad is multi-talented and has been extremely professional, easy, and fun to work with for design, media production, and photography. Read more about M.O,D. Media Productions below. 

The May Social will feature catering from La Taguara, authentic Venezuelan cuisine. It's really tasty! You can't beat the location right on Lake Monona. This Capitol-view location is ready to be Instagrammed!

M.O.D. Media Productions is full service entertainment and production agency that specializes in creating unforgettable photography, videography, audio, web design, graphic design, social media consultation and print services. We are dedicated to turning visions into vivid realities and we pride ourselves in treating all our media production as art: developing unique, creative, out-of-the-box final products and helping our clients make a stronger impact on the market while still maintaining a stable brand identity. 

Our family is made up of some of the most talented filmmakers, production experts, musicians, storytellers, tech-ninjas, designers, artists and consultants; the majority of whom are hand-picked, local & regional independent contractors and free-lancers chosen for their unique skill set and creative approach.

Developing several or all of your media needs under one roof allows you to invest your time and energy in other areas, while we make sure your projects are being built with a solid and consistent brand identity, creative edge and always a personalized budget that meets each client's specific needs.

Our unique relationship with outstanding and artistic independent contractors allows us to put together the moddest and eclectic creative team for your needs, while your communication is efficiently managed straight with one assigned project manager. 

M.O.D Media takes a lot of pride our art, always in search of the unique quality in each subject that creates a bold impact and evokes emotion. To be MOD is a point of view, a lifestyle, an attitude. 

Lead by Allison Lenz of Lumen Naturale Photography, Carlos Guzman of CGPhotography Madison / MXPress Studios.


M.O.D. Media Productions

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